Kamis, 21 Juli 2011

Update : Grand Theft Auto SA

hell yeah.. i'm back.. with a little Update.. that's about Grand Theft Auto San Andreas..
well i'm just posting my little photos.. maybe for you it's not important.. maybe don't have a Download Link.. Find by your self..

3 Scuderian (I Love Scuderian)

3 Scuderian

Niko Bellic in Carl Johnson House

Niko Following Trafic

Niko in Ocean Flat Beach

The Lost Gang Biker (SA)

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Thank you!

Kamis, 14 Juli 2011

Update : About Garry's Mod

huh.. since along time i was did't posting.. cause a Project and Garry's Mod Pose.. i learn more than 9 Months..
and now i will show a little photos about my Garry's Mod Photo

You only can see this in Indonesia They call their self "Sayang anak" in Indonesian it's mean "Love you kids"
and this on you only can see in Indonesian too "Parkiran Motor" it's mean "Bikepark" Check this out!
and this one is a little disguising called "TUSBOL" it's mean "Suck a Hole" Check this out
this one is about a store.. and the Store name it's look Silly "MAHO" it's mean "GAY" Check this out!
and this one it's about a Street Race (a little Photoshop Effect) look like Midnight Club 3 right?
it's about a Poor people and Richman..
maybe that's all.. maybe a couple hour(s) later i will Update it (After i Finishing My download)

Stay tunes in here!!

With Love : TheHotRPM :maho