Sabtu, 29 Januari 2011

Mix$tyleGamersX [RP-DM-TDM-Stunt-FREE]

IP :

Hello all the players GTA samp ... we introduce a new server name is Mix$tyleGamersX [RP - DM - TDM - Stunt-FREE].

This server actually been made in the year 2009.

His name was always different, because the owner still has never met with me ... His name was still ".::[$]-$ U3-[$]::."

Since Meet with Me, This server was changed completely into a neatServer. After that, some people who play GTA SAMP Server alsointerested in this.

This server is often made own Films ... For those who want to appear inthis film, Join the server is yes.

We create a Group on Facebook as well to give each other info for Servercontinues to Update ... Knowledge can also ..

Rules for all players and admins:

1. Respect all admins and players.

2. Don't say any BADWORDS, certainly to the admins and players. (from this server until this group)

3. The server is Free to do anything that you like, except cheat. Please read the no. 4

4. Cheat may used if they are not ANNOY WITH ANOTHER PLAYER "OR" HARM ANOTHER PLAYER.

5. May discuss topics that are cool as long as not outrageous. Outrageous mean dirty things and many others.

6. This server mode is "FREEROAM", sometimes also can be another mode.

7. Flaming, Swear, SARA, OOT, JUNK, RACISM, TROLLING and HOAXES ARE PROHIBITED. (from this server until this group)

8. Prohibited use dirty "nickname".

9. If you wan't AFK and BRB, say it through chat.

10. May promote other servers in chat or in PM. 

11. Spawn Killing (SK) is Prohibited.

12. Parked cars carelessly, blocking the road is Prohibited.

13. Prohibited from asking admin commands. (Admin via Admin asked via PM's unless the players ask to admin and admin tell to players)

Rules for Admin:

1. Prohibited share ID admin to another player.

2. Prohibited abusing admin command like nuke, kill, ban, kick, etc..

3. Reproduction threatening another player for any reason.

4. Admin use command such as kick / ban should be accompanied with reasons.

Maximum 3x Warn for PLAYER & ADMIN :
- MUTE (1x warn)
- JAIL (2x warn)
- BANNED for 5 Days (3x warn)
- PERMA-BANNED (4x warn)

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